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What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?
People working at internet companies seem to like their abbreviations. They just sound so professional: Saas, Cloud, ERP, LMS. What is that "LMS" that people keep bringing up in business meetings? What does LMS mean? What is the definition and meaning of learning management systems?

IT For Schools

What is an IT field in school ?
IT for schools it's a very important department in schools to deliver fast and secure networking (firewall - servers - gateways - workstations - ERP system) to improve our learning cycle and make it easier and flexible


Students Tracking System

What is an Student Tracking System ?
It is simply a system of monitoring the student and the places frequented and follow his movements through parents this system can be used it as a software on his/her smartphone or hardware injected in his/her clothes, school bag
The system can open camera and parents can be view this camera any time (Online) whatever solution its software or hardware
We can provide schools survillance system with permissions for every parent (class, places) that his/her student checked in