EduGate’s pre-press department is designed to meet all sorts of origination starting from PDF downloaded through the internet, CDs, films and even ready made plates.

High quality equipment, good procedures and extensive quality control ensures that printing output is in its optimal.

Pre-Press Flexibility:

INTERNET: EduGate has a broadband internet connection! No need to lose time in shipping, just log into our FTP server and download / upload your CD’s

CDS: EduGate is equipped to receive your work in freehand, Photoshop, in-design, coral draw, PDF, quark express ....


FILMS: We are fully equipped to montage all sorts of positive films ranging from page by page to complete electronic montage. We can provide you with Trace and fold layout to facilitate electronic montage procedure from your side.

PLATES: We are also ready to work with plates, although not recommended due to lack of proper calibration, we are still able to produce your work.

CTP: Computer to plate technology eliminates films and produces plates directly from CD giving excellent registration, speed and very high quality first generation dots.

Heidelberg’s unique Printect system enables EduGate to effectively link pre-press with binding through pre-press interface system.