EduGate printing machines were chosen with care to insure that our customers demands are met efficiently, quickly and with top quality.

EduGate has an all Heidelberg printing machine covering all demand from single color to 5 colors printing in one pass and up to 10 colors double pass if needed.

8 Color Printing Machine full sheet (72×104): provides state of the art printing. The machine can print high quality 4 color perfecting jobs giving higher capacity.
5 Color printing half sheet: EduGate is able to print 5 colors inline in one pass using water based coating system to produce high quality coated print runs. Extended delivery + infra red dryers ensure that work comes out dry and ready for the next process while insuring enough drying time to produce high coating effect.
4 Color machine full sheet (72×104): provides top quality high output printing quality for all 4 color or even 2 color perfecting jobs to produce higher output for books that need 2 colors.
2 Color machine sheet (72×104): premium one pass front and back 1 color printing for all sorts of printing output. Machine Capable of printing 2 colors in one pass

1 Color machine sheet (72×104): High quality one unit printing for 1 color and machine varnish sealing